A simple and elegant iOS app that helps users keep track of their wine inventory.  Working with Parse as a backend to store user data, the app allows users to add wines to their cellar.  Wines are then displayed in a custom table view that displays at-a-glance information such as:  Winery, Varietal, Year, and Quantity in cellar.  Swipe left on the navigation bar to reveal the app menu.  Swipe right on a particular wine when you want to "drink up" and remove one from your cellar.  

Developed as a personal project 100% by me from the ground up.  

Course Owl

iOS & Web App that allows teachers to design courses via the Web App and students to learn from their teachers courses via an iPad. Courses can be tailored to fit a specific course or topic, and gives the teacher the ultimate control in what content/ curricula they provide their students. 


A small social network targeted specifically at wine lovers.  The app allowed users to check-in to wines, rate them on a sliding scale of 1-10, comment, add photos, and view past check-ins (cellar).  Each check-in/ review was shown on the "GrapeVine", which was the feed where you could view your friends' check-ins.  Developed completely in Appcelerator's Titanium Studio for concurrent deployment on iOS and Android devices.  The app was released through TestFlight to a handful of beta testers and then the project was put on hold until more time is available. 

For more projects and code, check out my GitHub page.