Hello, I'm David Wells. I've been writing code for about 6 years, and working professionally in the full software development lifecycle for half that time. I'm passionate about writing code and making awesome software. I've always had an entrepreneurial mindset and determination to build things that change people's lives. Most importantly though, I just really enjoying playing around with code, hacking different frameworks, learning new things, and basking in that feeling of accomplishment when I figure out a really tough problem.
My education and work experience have given me a well-rounded set of skills and professionalism that makes me an asset to any team. Managing stressful situations and deadlines is something that I’ve grown very good at between two bachelors degrees, over a decade of professional work experience, and several projects.

I am interested in all areas of software development and particularly enjoy developing for mobile and web platforms due to their inherent mobility which allows my apps to always be accessible. It's also because there are so many new and exciting tools out there to hack and play with for mobile and web. If there is a programming language or framework I need to learn for a particular project, I always jump at the opportunity because it's just something I genuinely enjoy doing.
Java is currently my primary language, so I've been working a lot with Spring, Maven, IntelliJ, GridGain/Apace Ignite, Docker, etc. Other Languages/ Tools I've hacked with: iOS/ Objective-C, C++, Python, Django, HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, C#, SQL, Bash/Shell scripts, Jenkins, Splunk, MSTest/ Visual Studio. I’m always learning and growing. Just for fun I have also recently been playing with Swift and am loving it!

Thanks for stopping by!